How to Interpret and Analyze MCAS Data

data sgp

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Data sgp hk is an important part of the MCAS testing process, and it provides teachers and parents with important information about student growth. However, interpreting and analyzing data sgp can be time consuming and labor intensive. Fortunately, there are several tools available to make this task easier and more efficient.

The data sgp tool contains a large number of tables that outline student progress and performance in terms of their academic peers. The sgpData table includes percentile rank information for each student in five grade levels, from 2013 through 2017. An instructor number table called sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER displays the teacher-level information associated with each test record.

SGPs are calculated by comparing current achievement test scores with the prior assessment for the same students. For example, a student in grade 9 is compared with the results from grade 8, and a grade 10 student is matched against the grades 8 and 9. Because of the differences in curriculum and content across Massachusetts schools, not all students will have SGPs in all subject areas.

While the majority of students will have SGPs in all subjects, there may be some whose SGPs are too low to meet their growth goals. Educators should carefully consider how to identify these students and determine the most effective intervention strategies for them.

Educators should share student SGPs with parents, as well as the grade-level and subgroup SGPs, to help them understand their child’s performance in relation to their academic peers. Teachers and data teams should use SGPs to support their planning processes, and administrators should include school and district-wide SGPs in continuous improvement efforts.

School-level mean SGPs tend to vary less from year to year than school-level medians, when comparing the same groups of students. This is due in part to the lower standard deviations of school mean SGPs versus medians. When analyzing 2017 4th grade math SGPs, the Department found that school-level mean SGPs varied by about half as much as did the school-level medians. The same result was observed when analyzing 2014 and 2015 school-level math SGPs. This suggests that the spread of mean SGPs is largely driven by contextual effects and teacher sorting, rather than by differences in student covariates.

Result SDY – How Does SDY Numbering Work?

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